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Why is Autonomous Charging needed?

Thanks to their fixed routes and the growing availability of public charging stations, electric heavy-duty trucks are proving to be just as efficient and reliable as their diesel engine counterparts. But as more electric trucks hit the highway every year, how do we ensure that charging infrastructure can keep up with the high demands of the trucking industry? That’s where Rocsys autonomous charging can help.  

Rocsys autonomous charging creates a seamless charging experience, automatically charging a vehicle without the need for manual intervention. Automating the charging process has big benefits for the trucking: 

  • Efficiency: Vehicles can charge automatically, reducing the risk of improperly plugged in vehicles that can lead to low or dead batteries which can significantly impact the high-demand schedules of the trucking industry.  
  • Equipment Longevity: Autonomous charging ensures charging equipment is plugged and unplugged properly, reducing the chances of damaged equipment due to accidental drive offs while the vehicle is still plugged into the charger.  
  • Improved Safety: Drivers no longer need to risk manually plugging in charging equipment in low-light conditions, high traffic areas, or inclement weather.  

Why Rocsys?

Rocsys is an industry leader in autonomous charging and has experience working with customers in a wide array of industries and applications. Our innovative autonomous charging solutions address the unique challenges of charging autonomous vehicles and equipment in complex, mission-critical environments.

Rocsys has offices in Europe and the US to serve the needs of the EV industry globally. 

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