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A complete and reliable autonomous charging solution for electric fleets, electric yard tractors, and autonomous guided vehicles.

Rocsys Autonomous Charging

Meet ROC-1, the world's first autonomous charging solution

The ROC-1 robot of Rocsys fully automates the docking process of the charging connector into the electric vehicle. The ROC-1 communicates with the vehicle: from starting the docking process to undocking the vehicle until the entire charge cycle is complete. The entire charging process takes place without human intervention.

  • Easy: Automate a standard EV charging connection, it works with any charger or vehicle 
  • Intelligent: Artificial intelligence ensures the highest reliability and up-time, data-driven services to optimize your fleet performance 
  • Robust: Designed for heavy duty conditions 

About ROC-1

ROC-1 works with CCS-1, CCS-2, MCS & Euro-Din connectors and combines the  flexibility and reliability of industry-standard connections with the convenience of automation. As it works with any charger or vehicle, no system integration is required. You can just mount the charging connector on the system with a specially designed bracket. The system can be retrofitted to pre-installed chargers. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) based reliability optimization ensures the highest reliability and up-time. The system can be remotely monitored and managed to support predictable and manageable fleet operations.  

The system is designed for heavy duty conditions, and can operate in rain, snow and sun. 

Rocsys API - Monitor & Control

The Rocsys API

The Rocsys API is a user-friendly interface that enables your business to monitor and control the ROC-1 robot seamlessly. With a simple and secure interface, your IT system gains full visibility and control over the charging process.

With the API, it's easy to initiate the plugging and unplugging of the charger. By following clear rules and protocols, it streamlines interactions between applications. Being near the vehicle or robot is unnecessary, as the Rocsys API enables the charging to be initiated from anywhere. 

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Additional accessories and components

We offer a toolkit of accessories and components to easily integrate our system with your site-layout or vehicle configuration.

Fleet integration components 

  • Automated Charge Port Cover (ACPC): optional self-opening charge port cover which can be mounted on standardized vehicle inlets
  • Communication module: Can be used to trigger the plug-in and plug-out process from the vehicle side. For advanced integration, several interfaces, such as CAN, J1939 & WiFi are available
Rocsys Autonomous Charging
Rocsys Autonomous Charging

Site integration components 

  • Connector brackets: for mounting the used EV charger connectors to the ROC-1 (Rema, Phoenix contact, Huber & Suhne, Anderson, etc.)
  • Mounting poles: optional mounting pole for installing ROC-1 at various heights or in various lay-out
  • Installation base: optional moveable installation base for quickly installing ROC-1 without civil & ground works

Data-driven services for remote management & API integration for optimized fleet management 

ROC-1 is a connected device designed with connectivity in mind. Rocsys offers an ever increasing set of cloud based added-value services. 

  • Over-the-air updates: Continuous performance enhancements and new features will be available by remote software updates
  • Remote operation: Allow an operator to control the system, remotely diagnose systems and support resolution of issues
  • API integration: integrate ROC-1 into your service back-end, fleet management, asset management or plant management systems

Benefits for your business 

Rocsys offers autonomous charging solutions for electrical vehicles in different industries. 

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Rocsys Autonomous Charging