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Rocsys Autonomous Charging

Why is Autonomous Charging needed?

To handle the ever-increasing demands of the global supply chain, many warehouses and distribution centers have introduced autonomous electric yard trucks to their fleets. Rocsys autonomous charging closes the automation loop, allowing yard trucks to both drive and charge themselves without the need for a human operator. By automating the charging process with Rocsys, both OEMs and their customers can see numerous benefits:   

  • Simple Integration: Easily accommodates existing charging hardware, eliminating the need for costly retrofits to vehicles or charging infrastructure from manufacturers or their customers.  
  • Innovative Design: Creates a seamless charging experience for vehicle operators and adds value to OEM product offerings.  
  • Scalability: Allows fleets to scale in size without significant impact to efficiency, allowing end-customers and OEMs to easily introduce new vehicles to the fleet.  

Why Rocsys?

Rocsys is an industry leader in autonomous charging and has experience working with customers in a wide array of industries and applications. Our innovative autonomous charging solutions address the unique challenges of charging autonomous vehicles and equipment in complex, mission-critical environments.

Rocsys has offices in Europe and the US to serve the needs of the EV industry globally. 

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