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Rocsys joins robotic charging consortium with IONITY, Audi, TÜV SÜD, Porsche, BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, AVL and Huber+Suhner

Robotic Charging Consortium

Rocsys joins robotic charging consortium with IONITY, AUDI, TÜV SÜD, Porsche, BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, AVL and Huber+Suhner.

Rocsys, the world’s first provider of autonomous charging solutions powered by robotics and artificial intelligence, joins ROCIN-ECO, a consortium with IONITY, Audi, TÜV SÜD, Porsche, BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, AVL, and Huber+Suhner. The consortium aims to find the optimal concept for enabling carefree e-mobility across Europe.

Crijn Bouman, CEO and co-founder of Rocsys, says: “Rocsys is the first provider of robotic charging, and we are diligently working toward a future where all charging will be autonomous. We are proud to join this great consortium with such powerful international partners. Autonomous charging can only be successful with a fully interoperable approach between the charging infrastructure and electric vehicles. A connected and integrated approach, which also involves standardization activities, is a prerequisite to success. Therefore, the consortium drives the IEC and ISO standards for robotic charging, will deliver demonstration vehicles and live test sites and will input practical insights from their efforts into the standard. The aim is to create a concept eventually accessible to all car manufacturers worldwide and create a true Robotic Charging Infrastructure Ecosystem (ROCIN-ECO). With this consortium we will strengthen and support each other in the development of an optimal concept for enabling carefree e-mobility. We look forward to working with all the partners.”

The vision of the ROCIN-ECO consortium is to equip fast charging stations along the European highways with one or more robotic charging lanes. The lanes enable a fully automated charge in approximately 15-30 minutes and as such offer a premium and carefree charging experience to EV drivers and make charging less challenging for drivers with physical limitations. Additionally, the robotic lanes will offer an ROI improvement of up to 20% for the charging station operator by eliminating idle time between charging of multiple cars at busy moment.

About Rocsys

Rocsys introduces autonomous charging to Electric Vehicle (EVs) fleets. By combining robotics, computer vision, and data-driven services, Rocsys ensures that EV charging is reliable, seamless, and cost-effective. Rocsys is an international venture-funded company with EU operations based in the Netherlands and US operations based out of Portland, Oregon.


Publication date: Rijswijk (the Netherlands), August 31, 2022 

More information about ROCIN-ECO or download: Rocsys Robotic Charger 




ROCIN-ECO | Robotic Charging Consortium

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