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Rocsys to supply autonomous charging solutions to SSA Marine for its electric yard tractors

Rocsys receives order from SSA Marine

Rocsys to supply autonomous charging solutions to SSA Marine for its electric yard tractors at the port of Oakland

Rocsys, world’s first company offering autonomous charging solutions that automate industry standard CCS connectors, has signed an order of agreement with SSA Marine, the world’s largest independent, privately-held marine terminal operator, to supply ROC-1 autonomous charging systems. The systems will autonomously charge part of the electric yard tractor fleet of SSA Marine at the International Container Terminal at the Port of Oakland.

Electrified transportation ecosystems around the globe – logistics, seaports, airports, material handling, public transportation, and passenger cars – are increasingly introducing autonomous charging solutions. Autonomous charging will enable reliable and fast charging while reducing the wear and tear on charging cables and connectors. Drivers will only have to park yard tractors near charging stations versus manually connecting vehicles to the stations.  

CEO of Rocsys, Crijn Bouman: “Last year we opened our first office in North America in Portland, Ore. and built a highly skilled technical team to support our US customers closely. Delivering such an inspiring project within that first year is a testament to our ability to respond to customer needs and deliver on their vision for sustainability. We look forward to enabling SSA Marine to expand the electrification of their fleets in a scalable way”.

This project is funded in part by a $50 million grant from the California Air Resources Board to the Port of Long Beach to fund zero and near-zero equipment and vessels at three California ports. The Sustainable Terminals Accelerating Regional Transformation (START) project will deploy over 100 pieces of zero-emission terminal equipment and port drayage trucks in Long Beach, Stockton, and Oakland. START is funded through California Climate Investments, a statewide initiative that puts billions of Cap-and-Trade dollars to work reducing greenhouse gas emissions, strengthening the economy and improving public health and the environment — particularly in disadvantaged communities.

Autonomous Charging System Connectivity - Connectors and Vehicles

The autonomous charging system of Rocsys, the ROC-1, will work with high power DC charging stations that use a CCS-1 charging connector, offering capability to autonomously charge the vehicles from existing charging supply equipment. As yard tractors are equipped with an industry-standard CCS-1 inlet, the Rocsys solution provides a very simple solution to make charging autonomous. Rocsys also provides their own developed Automated Charge Port Cover that will automatically open and close, enabling a fully autonomous charging experience.


About Rocsys

Rocsys introduces autonomous charging to Electric Vehicle (EVs) fleets. By combining robotics, computer vision, and data-driven services, Rocsys ensures that EV charging is reliable, seamless and cost-effective. Rocsys is an international venture-funded company with US operations based out of Portland, Oregon. 


8 March 2022


Download: Press image robotPress image yard tractors

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