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Meet Rocsys at ACT Expo 2022

Join the session on autonomous charging; the next step in EV Fleet management 

We’re pleased to announce that this May, we’ll be attending Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo. ACT Expo is North America’s largest advanced transportation and clean fleet event. During the Expo, Rocsys will facilitate a session on fleet charging and how autonomous charging technology drives the future of transportation.   

As commercial and industrial fleets electrify, fleet managers got the task to roll-out a supporting charging infrastructure. On Wednesday, May 11, Erin Galiger will attend a Breakout Session to answer all your questions regarding autonomous charging. During the session you'll get answers to what robotic charging is and its benefits. 

During the Expo the Rocsys team is also available to meet you in person and answer any questions regarding autonomous charging. Schedule a meeting with one of our representatives: 

  • Erin Galiger, Senior Business Development Manager, operates from Rocsys Inc in Portland Oregan. With her extensive experience in electric transportation, she can analyze the added value of robotic charging in your fleet operation. 
  • Elwin Roetman, Head of Sales, operates from Rocsys HQ in the Netherlands. With his vast experience at several vehicle OEMs and dealer organizations, Elwin can guide you to be compatible with Rocsys’s autonomous charging solution. 

Schedule a meeting during ACT Expo

Do you want to know if we can support you with autonomous charging? Book a meeting with one of our industry experts, you can directly schedule a meeting in our agenda. 

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Rocsys presence in North America 

Rocsys introduces autonomous charging to Electric Vehicle (EVs) fleets. By combining robotics, computer vision, and data-driven services, Rocsys ensures that EV charging is reliable, seamless and cost-effective. Rocsys is an international venture-funded company with US operations based out of Portland, Oregon.  

Recently, Rocsys, signed an order of agreement with SSA Marine, the world’s largest independent, privately-held marine terminal operator, to supply autonomous charging systems. The systems will autonomously charge part of the electric yard tractor fleet of SSA Marine at the International Container Terminal at the Port of Oakland.