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Senior Robotics Researcher

Rocsys Autonomous Charging

More about us

Our headquarters are in the Netherlands, and we have a sales and operations office in Portland, OR, USA. Rocsys was founded in 2019 by experienced entrepreneurs, currently employs over 30 people, and is expected to exceed 100 people within two years. Our customers are major global A-brands, and our growth is spectacular.


You make the difference

You are the researcher with the drive and inspiration to take abstract questions or problems, and deliver answers in a structured and transferable manner by finding and creatively using the resources at your exposal. By combining an eye for detail with the ability to see the bigger picture, your deliverables provide handholds for developing Rocsys’ products.

Your contribution

As a research lead, you translate questions to a research plan, make sure the plan is executed,
and disseminate the answers to the relevant stakeholders. You balance time, cost, and required
level of detail to provide sufficient answers. As such, you will help create and document the
technical knowledge required to develop reliable and scalable products.

You take ownership of research projects.

  • You formulate relevant questions for problems that internal stakeholders
    encounter, and design the experiment / formulate protocols (or provide guidance
    in doing so), while taking time, cost, quality, etc. in consideration
    You are responsible for execution of the experiments, and gathering and
    processing the data
  • You formulate the answer to the question / draw the conclusion, translate it to
    actionable insights, and disseminate the outcomes to the relevant stakeholders.
  • You contribute to the development process
    You determine technical specifications through research projects.
    You assist in development work

You contribute to the development process.

  • You determine technical specifications through research projects.
  • You assist in development work

What you will bring into Rocsys

  • You hold a master’s degree in an engineering discipline and have over 5 years of
    working experience in multidisciplinary research projects. Alternatively, you hold a PhD
    in an engineering discipline
  • You have got experience in robotics or robotics-related disciplines.
  • You are able to think through several layers of abstraction; from a contextual level to the
    detailed implementation
  • You are able to find the essence of an abstract or ambiguous problem, and come up with a
    plan to provide valuable insights
  • You are able to determine valuable short-term increments for exploratory work or long-term goals.
  • You have experience in building research setups, processing information, and analyzing
    the results to find and quantify the right technical parameters 

You are

  • You are a team player
  • You are a structured communicator
  • You are analytical
  • You are pragmatic when possible, and diligent when required
  • You are fully proficient in English
  • You like to work in a highly international setting
  • You are self-motivated, and self-steering
  • You are enthusiastic about working in a highly dynamic and multidisciplinary scale-up

Yes, I want to apply!

Rocsys Autonomous Charging

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