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Automotive Standardization Engineer

Location The Netherlands
Education Master
Experience 5-10 years
Department Technology and IP
Time Fulltime

More about us

We are a fast-growing, high-tech, and innovative company with one mission: Powering clean transportation by making charging autonomous!

We create reliable autonomous charging solutions by combining soft robotics, cutting-edge computer vision, and added value services. Rocsys enables its customers to electrify their fleet sustainably.

We are founded in 2019 and located in Rijswijk, the Netherlands, and have an office in Portland, OR, USA. Currently we employ over 50 people and we are expecting to exceed 100 people within two years.

Join us, and together, we are powering clean transportation.

You make the difference

You are the Automotive Standardization Engineer with the drive and ability to shape the market of autonomous EV charging while representing Rocsys’ interests. By combining an eye for detail with the ability to see the bigger picture, you are able to steer standardization efforts and guide developments within Rocsys.

Your contribution

As an Automotive Standardization Engineer, you participate in various standardization committees with multidisciplinary topics. You make sure you understand the relevant standards, and how they fit with Rocsys’ solutions. You are also able to explain the contents to relevant people within or outside the company.

You represent Rocsys’ interests in various standardization committees: driven, knowledgeable, collaborative.

  • You attend (inter)national standardization meetings (IEC/ISO/SAE/NEN/NEC/…)
  • You identify the interests and agenda of important stakeholders, such as large car manufacturers, in order to make the best strategic decisions
  • You contribute to standardization by writing proposals, in collaboration with Rocsys’ own experts, and defending those proposals. These proposals should be in the best interest of the industry

You participate in projects and/or collaborations where standardization is an important factor.

  • You contribute to development by giving insight into relevant standards and making sure our current and future developments are in line with those standards
  • You create and maintain an overview of relevant standards for Rocsys
  • You condense the contents of relevant standards to essential information, to easily give an overview to various people within, and sometimes outside, Rocsys
  • You help steer the technology roadmap, by feeding back what happens in standardization
  • You help developers to correctly interpret and implement standards. You support teams working on automotive projects by providing guidance on implementation
  • You occasionally support interoperability events where technology is jointly tested with other companies, such as large vehicle & car OEMs

What you will bring into Rocsys

  • You have got a Master’s degree in an engineering discipline related to automotive, robotics, software, electronics, or similar, with at least 5 years of working experience
  • You have got a demonstratable interest and preferably experience, in standardization
  • Ideally, you have got working experience in the electric-vehicle (charging) market and/or robotics
  • Preferably, you are familiar with relevant standards, such as IEC 61851, IEC 62196, ISO 15118, DIN 70121, and ISO 10218

You are

  • A structured communicator and an abstract thinker
  • Tenacious and meticulous
  • You easily recognize and reason from other people’s perspective
  • You have got a feeling for strategy and an eye for detail
  • Able to convey information in written and illustrated form
  • Fully proficient in English and able to work in a highly international setting
  • A team player who is self-motivated and can work independently
  • Enthusiastic about working in a highly dynamic and multidisciplinary scale-up
  • Living in the Netherlands or willing to relocate to the Netherlands

Yes, I want to apply!

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